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Masaya Saigan

iLAND solutions is an university-launched venture company established based on the achievements of research, conducted by Osaka University School of Dentistry.


While the company made its start with dental implant support system, corporate mission is set to go beyond the position as just a manufacturer of the software and tool constituting the support system but offering total solutions that satisfy both patients and dentists patients in the fields of implant treatment, furthermore the all dental treatments.


Through the activities, iLAND solutions has an ultimate goal to keep evolving and also to make contributions to the improvement of healthcare standards and its standardization, stimulation of the dental industry, rejuvenation of regional and by extension national economy and revitalization of new business creation including university-launched ventures.


November 2018 marked iLAND solutions's 15th anniversary. When iLAND solutions was established in 2003, there were only 3 of us.


When iLAND solutions was established in 2003, there were only 3 of us. Now, the number of employee reached to 46, dealing with more products and thankfully, awareness of our company has been gradually increasing. We are truly grateful to all your support.


In May this year, our prince becomes our new emperor, which is a major turning point in Japanese history. We start this memorial year afresh to make 2019 another year of tackling various challenges and aiming for higher goals.


We appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.


January 1, 2019
Masaya Saigan
CEO / Managing Director
iLAND solutions Co. Ltd.