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Landmark Guide

Landmark Guide

Surgery, from Freehand to Guided sugery

Based on the simulation results with LANDmarker®, highly accurate surgery is performed with a guide designed and manufactured with iLAND.

Compatible with intraoral scanners!

Single guide

Now you can make surgical guides without models!

Landmark Guide™ can create surgical guides not only for study models but also for STL data scanned by each intraoral scanner (IOS).


3 types of Surgical Guide

Landmark Guide™ has 3 lineups: "single Guide" that supports only initial drills, "Full Guide" that supports the guide kit of each implant system and supports up to implantation and "Custom Guide" that create various guides according to the request.


1. Single Guide
Single Guide

Supports a single drill diameter

Available in four different tube diameters: 1.6mm, 2mm, 2.75mm, and3 mm. No special surgical kit is required.


*Side entry is not possible.

*We do not sell 1.6mm diameter drills.



2. Full Giude
Full Guide

Compatible with implant manufacturer's guide system

Currently supported system:
bicon, Biohorizons, BrainBase, camlog, GC, Implant Direct, KENTEC, KYOCERA, Neoss, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Zimmer Biomet(Biomet 3i, spline, Tapered Screw-Vent, LODI)

Operation video using Full Guide

Dr. Satiru Shintani(Tokyo, Japan)


3. Custom Giude
Full Giud

The following guides can be created to meet a variety of requirements.

  • Guide for orthodontic anchor screws
  • Lateral window guide for sinus lift
  • Jawbone model for Provisional restoration


Suitable for any case

Flexible guide system for any combination of bone, mucosa, teeth, or single to edentulous defects.

Also supports fixing from the buccal side

A new option "Side-Fixing" added to the Landmark Guide.

This allows the guide to be fixed from the cheek side not only for Multi Guide, but also for Single guide and Full guide.

Strict quality control by dental technicians

Manufactured in Japan, all guides are strictly checked by a specialized dental technician.

Reliable quality backed by a wealth of abundant experience.


Can be provided in guide design STL!

It is possible to deliver not only the completed guide product but also the design data (STL format) of Landmark Guide™ created by iLAND, which you can use to create the guide on your own 3D printer.


*The diagnosis of the implant placement will be done by the clinic.


Surgical Drill

Special drill compatible with Landmark Guide™. With a stopper, the depth of implantation can be controlled according to the simulation.


Control the depth with a stopper

Controlling the depth of implant with a movable stopper. Ruler box and Ruler board make it easy to adjust the stopper.

Internal water injection drill

The internal water injection type effectively cools the bone even when the guide is used.

Compatible with almost all water injection nozzles (within 23 mm).


Disposal for each patient, no maintenance required for internal water injection holes clogged with bone powder and blood.

Wide range of products
Wide range of products

There are three diameters: 2mm, 2.75mm, and 3mm, and four lengths: SS (29mm), S (34mm), M (39mm), and L (44mm).
It can be used for molar cases in patients with a small amount of opening.

Improved sharpness
Improved sharpness

The flute of the drill (escape route for shavings) has been improved to improve the cutting capacity by approximately 20% compared to our conventional products (according to our research).


Jaw Model

Create a jaw model from the simulation data of LANDmarker®. The data synthesized by iLAND clearly reproduces not only the bone condition but also the shape of the teeth.
By using it together with the Landmark Guide™, it is effective not only for checking the surgical image but also as a patient explanation tool.


Jaw Model