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Objective of iLAND solutions

As society is aging, a demand is growing among patients for functional and aesthetic recovery due to loss of teeth. The number of patients who desire implant treatment is on the increase because of the needs for "a better sense of chew" or "restoration of appearance." However, nerve paralysis may be caused in the process of operation or inappropriate mechanical environment may sometimes lead to loss of teeth in a half year while many implants remain stable for 35 years. It is also true that implantation is a treatment with high risk that still frequently depends on the experience and knack of dentists.
To address this issue, iLAND solutions offers advanced treatment navigation that allows more accurate examination and diagnosis, prognostic treatment planning and their application to actual treatment for the achievement of scientific implant treatment based on highly managed systems.


iLAND solutions

iLAND solutions' idea of treatment navigation is a concept of new solutions for accurately reflecting treatment plans based on examination and diagnosis in the actual treatment in the existing steps of medical care.


Whole Concept of iLAND solutions

iLAND solutions is committed to realizing these solutions by integrating knowledge of clinical dentistry, engineering including IT, electronics, mechanics and material engineering, and business administration for supporting the foundation of activities. iLAND solutions possesses high expertise in all of these three fields of clinical dentistry, engineering and business administration and strives to be "scientific," "technological" and "practical" in all of its activities.