Landmark System™
Implant support system

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The Landmark System™ supports implant treatment from CT imaging to final prosthesis through the integration of digital data.
The Landmark System™ supports implant treatment from CT scan to final prosthesis through a single digital data stream. The LANDmarker® allows the doctor to examine and diagnose the implant and the Landmark Guide™ to perform the surgery. The Landmark Crown™ assists in the prosthetic area, including pre-diagnostic wax-up, interim prosthesis and final prosthesis.

*1:Any CT device can be used.
*2:On request, we can also provide handcrafted products such as wax-up and CT imaging templates.
*3:In the case of multiple tooth defects, CAD wax-up is also possible with the "occlusal bed" and "denture currently in use".
*4:LANDmarker® does not include automatic diagnostic functions or the ability to design and fabricate surgical guides by itself.
*5:Landmark Crown™ can also cooperate with your laboratory.