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Real-time PCR

For those who want to know right now, right here.

Making PCR more accessible and easier than ever.

High-precision PCR device that can measure in about 10 minutes
Easy synthesis by selecting 3 points

A unique temperature control method that reciprocates the sample between high and low temperatures using a microchannel has realized size reduction, low power consumption, and high speed.

Small, lightweight and portable
Easy synthesis by selecting 3 points

Free to carry with a handy-sized mobile PCR device.
There is no need to secure a specific installation location.

Easy operation

Easy to operate in 3 steps. Inspection is possible without specialized knowledge.

COVID-19 can also be measured!

Various DNA / RNA can be measured by changing the reagent.
"iLAND DIRECT MasterMix" that is a reagent specializes in measurement targets are also available.



iLAND DIRECT MasterMix is a complete one-component real-time PCR test reagent that does not require prior heat treatment or pretreatment liquid, and can be easily operated by non-specialized technicians.

Furthermore, by making it a single-use package, not only the pretreatment time is eliminated and the measurement time is shortened, but also the ease of handling is greatly improved. The total inspection time has been significantly reduced without the hassle of dispensing and subdividing the inspector.

We are planning to develop reagents targeting various viruses and bacteria.

Measuring COVID-19


Supervised by Biomedical Science Association(Certified NPO).

Data synthesis at your own clinic

  • Easy and quick measurement of COVID-19
  • No need for heat treatment or chemical treatment required for conventional direct PCR reagents!
  • A true direct PCR reagent that is easy and quick!

Time comparison of the entire measurement process

Data synthesis at your own clinic