Management Policies

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  • We will offer safe and prognostic implant treatment to people around the world by providing advanced products based on technologies developed in Japan with creative human resources.
  • We will make it a principle to pursue a profit by fair and sincere means and return the profits resulting from our activities to society through the development of new technologies and provision of new products.
  • We will consider patients as our primary customers and offer products deemed beneficial to the patients without being obsessed with making money.
  • We will contribute to the promotion of academic and research activities concerning implantation with a broad view rather than focusing on our own interests only.
  • We will engage in business with the spirit of law observance, high transparency of business activities and a strong sense of ethics as medical professionals.
  • We will organize our workforce with those with professionalism and establish the entire order based on the capability and character of individuals rather than formal positions and hierarchy.
  • We will invest in people and create an environment that allows all those involved to always maximize their skill and constantly develop themselves.
  • We will think and behave logically in all daily activities. At the same time, we will keep the spirit to face up to challenges and remember to give consideration to people around us.