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Dr. sogo

Along with the aging of society, more and more patients are suffering loss of teeth.

Due to the needs for "a better sense of chew" or "restoration of appearance," the number of patients who desire implant treatment is on the increase. However, nerve paralysis may be caused in the process of operation or inappropriate mechanical environment may sometimes lead to loss of teeth in a half year while many implants remain stable for 35 years. It is also true that implantation is a treatment with high risk that still frequently depends on the experience and knack of dentists


For over a dozen years since graduating from university, I have been engaged in dentistry as a clinical researcher, in the course of which I have studied operation navigation that takes advantage of diagnostic imaging and improvement of prognosis that uses biomechanical analysis with the main focus on the study of implant treatment. A few years' research activities made my study sophisticated enough to be applied to actual clinical cases, which made me believe that the technology could "assist dentists with accurate diagnosis and treatment for reducing the risk of operation" and "realize prolonged life of implants by simulation using mechanical analysis." In excitement, I felt a strong desire to "put it into practical use."


I am a dentist. I do not have any particular experience of business administration. However, putting the technology into practical use required its commercialization. I approached some companies with a proposal, which proved without avail. Totally at a loss, I managed to visit the technology transfer office of the university with a help of a guide and explained my idea to the coordinator in charge. Only a few dozen minutes later, he came up with an amazing answer. "Why don't you make it into a business yourself?" he said. "There is a potential." At first, it did not make much sense to me because his idea seemed worlds apart from where I had been.


At that point, however, my life changed. First I applied for a patent and went around places together with the coordinator in order to recruit cooperators and raise development funds for commercialization. The coordinator is none other than Mr. Kurokawa, the present CEO. As a marketer, he also put his heart into the commercialization of advanced technologies. We shared the same aspiration.


With the progress of planning of the development and commercialization and more cooperators offering support, I felt encouraged to embark on enterprise. On November 11, 2003, together with a few people who sympathized with my ideas and shared the same aspiration, I founded iLAND solutions. iLAND solutions started its activities with the objective of constantly engaging in the development of new technologies and their commercialization for accurately reflecting diagnostic results in the actual treatment by taking advantage of IT in the field of dental implant treatment.


We set out on this venture to make this technology available to as many people as possible. For us, it also meant to use our own ability to appeal to the public with something.。


In any case, a bright future would not be everything that lies ahead. But I would like to give an account here of what motivated us to rise up.


November 11, 2003

Motofumi Sogo
(Motofumi Sogo)